Gangs Use Skype to Conduct Operations

By Carlton Purvis

Many governments are working to crack Skype’s security; the most promising being spyware installed on laptops that catch information before encryption or after decryption.

The FBI report also says gang members are becoming more involved in cyberattacks, computer hacking, and identity theft. Thirty percent of law enforcement officials say gangs in their jurisdictions are involved in identity theft. Eighteen percent said local gangs were involved in computer hacking and phishing operations.

In a 2009 interview (New VoIP Encryption Challenges) with Security Management, Phil Zimmerman, creator of the VoIP encryption product Zfone, and other experts agreed that VoIP should remain untappable because giving a backdoor to law enforcement will create a vulnerability that hackers and criminals would soon exploit.

photo by Daphne/flickr



If the criminals are dumb enough to use skype to discus their activities then they are likely to be caught soon anyway. There a way better methods, such as hushmail and services on the TOR network.

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