GAO: More Protection For Whistleblowers Could Help Combat Antitrust Crime

By Carlton Purvis

Some stakeholders interviewed for the report said whistleblower rewards might convince more people to come forward to report cartel activity. Others said increased information from whistleblowers could knock cartels off balance by increasing uncertainty and fear of detection among cartel members (although there were concerns that a reward could harm witness credibility in court and generate more false claims). But one thing nearly all stakeholders agreed on was that additional protection for whistleblowers would be needed to have any impact on fighting cartels.

“For the last 17 years, DOJ has relied heavily on its corporate and individual leniency programs to encourage wrongdoers to self-report such activity. However, innocent third parties may also report illegalities and in so doing may expose themselves to risk of retaliation. Without a civil remedy for those who are retaliated against as a result of reporting criminal antitrust violations, whistleblowers are currently unprotected and may therefore be hesitant to report wrongdoing to DOJ,” the report concludes. 

photo by by @jbtaylor from flickr


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