Governments Mount Frontal Attack on Anonymous Hackers

By Carlton Purvis


In a report released earlier this month, NATO sounded the alarm regarding the hacker group Anonymous becoming more powerful, and it called for countries to develop a clear plan for responding to cyberattacks that could “eventually cause damage comparable to that of a conventional military attack.”

NATO also gave the hacker group Anonymous a warning: “...the groups will be infiltrated and the perpetrators persecuted,” to which Anonymous responded, “Do not make the mistake of believing you can behead a headless snake.”

The statement was followed by a number of hacks by the group of government Web sites and security systems, but it didn’t stop NATO countries from trying to make good on their promise. On Friday CNET reported that three Anonymous hackers  suspected of hacking the Playstation Network and government Web sties were arrested in Spain

Anonymous responded with an attack that shut down the Spanish police Web site. Today (June 13), Government Computer News reported that Turkish officials announced the arrest of 32 Anonymous members in 12 cities after attacks on Turkish government Web sites.

photo by anonymous_munich from flickr


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