Hershey Keeps Track to Keep Safe

By John Wagley

For Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, keeping visitors safe and secure in a low-key way is important. One way to do that is to track incidents so that problems can be addressed quickly.

Hershey has used incident-tracking software for years to help with that objective, but the systems weren’t centralized among the company’s five theme parks and campgrounds. As the software neared the end of its useful life, an opportunity arose to address that lack of connectivity.
Charles Gouldner, Hershey’s IT analyst, wanted a solution that could help connect the different areas so that they could share information, such as data about a problem patron who must be banned.
With a small group of security colleagues, Gouldner began researching new systems. Main attributes sought included ease of use, affordability, and vendor reputation.
A few vendors came to Hershey to give presentations. iTrak, from iView Systems, started to emerge as a favorite, Gouldner says. It seemed to fit the main search criteria best, he says. Gouldner says he was also impressed with its expandability via modules.
The iView system offers 14 add-on modules focusing on particular security and risk management areas. Hershey recently added the Lost and Found module, for example. By centralizing data on lost and found items, the system helps officers respond immediately to inquiries, Gouldner says. Items can be located in the system through a range of characteristics, such as date lost, type of item, and color.

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♦ Photo by mrkathika/Flickr


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