HP Boosts Privacy Policy Accountability Through It's Own Internal Software Tool

By John Wagley

Developing a privacy program to protect personal client and employee data is a challenge. Hewlett-Packard (HP) has chosen to develop a specific software platform that can make the task more manageable across its multiple units. The platform consists of dynamic, “context-based” questions and answers. A similar approach might also work well for other large enterprises.

HP’s decision to develop a platform, which it rolled out late last year, was driven mainly by the goal of boosting privacy policy accountability throughout the 300,000-employee company, said Scott Taylor, HP’s chief privacy officer, speaking at a recent privacy conference in Washington. Another goal of the platform, which is available via HP’s intranet, was to help guide employees through the policy, which HP makes available in written form but which can be “daunting” to understand, says Taylor.
The company had implemented a call center before it set up the privacy platform. Employees could call with privacy questions, but many hesitated to do so, Taylor said. The company wanted a more coherent and auditable process.
The platform software was developed mainly by HP Labs, a U.K.-based subsidiary. But the tool’s questions, guidance, and other content was selected and written by Taylor and a core team of privacy, legal, human resources, and other executives.
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♦ Photo by wlodi/Flickr


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