Illegal Phone Problem Plagues Bureau of Prisons

By Carlton Purvis

“As a result, unless BOP recouped these revenues from other sources, BOP would have to reduce the wages it pays inmates for their labor and/or scale back the number and type of other educational and recreational activities it currently offers,” the GAO report states.

BOP officials said these reductions would make prison more expensive to operate and more dangerous to manage. Amenities and work programs help decrease idleness. Inmate idleness increases the risk of violence, escapes, and other disruptions, they told the GAO.

GAO said if BOP wanted to look at lowering inmate telephone rates as a way to counter cell phone use, BOP could raise the prices for other services like commissary items or ask it to use other sources of revenue to supplement the phone program. The GAO also suggests the BOP take a look at better cell phone detection technologies.

photo by be.Futureproof  from flickr 


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