Italian Police Nab Mob Family

By Stephanie Berrong

 Italian police have arrested one of the country’s most wanted mob bosses and his two brothers, according to media reports.

Police said 62-year-old Pasquale Russo, who lived as a fugitive for 16 years before being arrested on Sunday in a farmhouse north of Naples, was chief of the Russo clan, a leading player in the Camorra organized-crime syndicate that operates near Naples.
Russo, who police described as “extremely dangerous,” was convicted in absentia more than a decade ago and sentenced to life in prison for 13 homicides and criminal association with the mob, The Wall Street Journal reported.
The BBC said Interior Minister Roberto Maroni described Russo’s arrest as “a heavy blow for the Camorra.”
According to the Irish Times, when police arrested Russo early yesterday morning, they found on his bedside table a 9.21 calibre Beretta pistol, a wig, a two-way radio system, a GPS tracker and a book about the syndicate called La Camorra, written by journalist Gigi Di Fiore.
His brother, 51-year-old Salvatore Russo, was arrested the day prior, after 14 years on the run, and a third brother Carmine Russo was also arrested on Sunday.
The Russo clan had “an iron grip on criminal activity in some 40 towns in the Naples areas,” officials told the BBC. The Camorra is believed to have about 5,000 members, the news outlet reported.



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