Jihadists Discuss Strategies to Beat Thermal Cameras

By Matthew Harwood

Another participant suggested constructing a suit of sugar sacks to hide body heat, while another agreed, but added wet mud should be applied to the suit. "If the mud dries up put some water on yourself to wet the mud. And Allah knows best," wrote Za'ir AL-Bazuka.

Osood al-Harb’s response had more to do with defending against an attack rather than perpetrating one. “There are ways to distract them and they are tried, by burning some house furniture...for when the special forces or the intelligence storm,” the jihadist wrote.

Thermal camera vendors contacted by Security Management declined to discuss whether any of the strategies presented were feasible because of security concerns.

♦ Photo by Ross/Flickr


This new technology is

This new technology is great, but will only stay ahead of criminals for a limited amount of time. Criminals will always come up with ways of beating these types of security systems. This type of technology is now used to check for heat loss in homes and once a house has been well insulated the building will give off much less heat making it much less visible when using this type of technology.

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