LulzSec Hackers Get a Lesson in CYA

By Carlton Purvis


“Ask yourself this: if a provider claims not to do any form of logging, but is able to locate abusive customers, how are they able to do this without any form of logging?" the company said in its online statement.

In the past months, authorities have been steadily rounding up LulzSec members. Two were arrested earlier this month. LulzSec’s spokesman, Topiary, who's real name is Jake Davis, was arrested in July. One month prior, Ryan Cleary was arrested and charged with cyberattacks on US and UK intelligence agencies.The purported leader of the group tweeted that there were only two members left at large.

At least one of those members could possibly be tracked down using the same information that implicated Kretsinger.

“Pastebin logs also show that another LulzSec member, using the handle ‘Neuron’, also claimed to use the HideMyAss service,” the Guardian reported on Monday.

photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis/flickr





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