The Man From Down Under

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

“I really do feel that ASIS certifications are increasing in value as time goes by. The CPP, when I got it, helped me professionally a lot. ASIS marketing can assist with promotion and branding, but it’s really up to the individual security practitioner, within his or her own sphere of influence, to make people understand how valuable the designation is and to mentor other professionals to get it too,” he states.

After his years on the PCB, Craighead headed up the Society’s Commercial Real Estate Security Council for two years. Eventually, he was urged to run for the ASIS Board of Directors, but he was not successful on his first or second attempts. The third try, however, proved successful, and Craighead has since served as the Society’s secretary, treasurer, and president-elect.

Strategic vision. Craighead says that during his presidency he would like to highlight and promote public-private liaison and partnerships. “I really do believe that this continues to be important for the Society and for those of us making a concerted effort to protect civil society. For example, ASIS has reached out to the International Association of Chiefs of Police. And I do think it has come a long way. I don’t think we are there yet as regards private security’s relationship with all public law enforcement agencies, but there has been a tremendous advancement in cooperation, particularly since 9-11,” he says.

Other than this, during 2013, Craighead intends to focus on the long-term goals that the ASIS Strategic Plan lays out, which include fulfilling the needs of members in the profession; delivering quality education and research; creating opportunities for exchange of ideas and information; and developing and promoting security standards, certification, professionalism, and ethics.

“These goals are clearly delineated in the strategic plan, which was developed many years ago and continues to be constantly refined by many experienced leaders in the security profession. It’s not that I’m an automaton or a robot without my own personal ideas, but I am a strong believer that the leader of the Society does not have the mandate to take off into areas outside the plan…. You don’t want anyone to take it out into left field and at the end of their year, everyone is left looking around asking, ‘What are we doing out here?’” he states.

He notes that’s not just common sense, it’s also the requirement. As he explains, “according to the bylaws of ASIS, the role of the president is to be a spokesman for the Society.”


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