Militant Group Seeks Removal From Terrorism List, Has Lawmaker Support

By Carlton Purvis

In a column on Monday, Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist Bob Barr says by designating MEK a terrorist organization, the United States “expressly weakened the ability of opposition forces in Iran” to make positive changes. Barr argues MEK is not a terrorist organization, but a tool the United States could embrace to affect policy in Iran. “83 members of the House have co-sponsored a resolution encouraging the State Department to delist the organization,” he added.

However, just last June, Iran said it arrested members of MEK who were planning a bombing on the anniversary of Iran’s elections.

“They're no more terrorists than the people here on the panel... We asked those people to disarm. They're the only people in Iraq who are disarmed. And yet, these people complied willingly and have done what we asked them to do," former Commandant of the Marine Corps general James Conway said at the conference on Monday.

See a database of known MEK attacks since 1972 from the Global Terrorism Database.



photo by bettyx1138 from flickr


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