Morning Security Brief: 2008 Mumbai Attack, Terrorist Financing, Airport Security, WMD Response Teams, & TSA Job Ads

By Matthew Harwood


♦ India says that Pakistan's intelligence service oversaw the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. "Home Secretary G. K. Pillai told the Indian Express newspaper that the level of involvement of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had become clear through recent questioning of David Headley, a suspect under arrest in the United States," reports Agence France Presse."It was not just a peripheral role. They (the ISI) were literally controlling and coordinating it from the beginning till the end," he said. The two rival nuclear-armed nations are set to begin peace talks tomorrow.

♦ A Brooklyn judge has issued judicial sanctions against Arab Bank for not producing documents in a terrorism financing case. The bank argues in cannot produce the documents without breaking bank secrecy laws in other countries. "The lawsuit, which was the first to go after an international bank for its role in financing terrorism when it was filed in 2004, alleges that Arab Bank administered the accounts of the Saudi Committee in Support of the Intifada Al Quds, which provided payments of $5,316 to the families of Palestinians who were killed in attacks on Israel, including suicide bombers," reports The New York Times. "It also alleges that the bank administers accounts for other individuals and organizations involved in terrorism, including Hamas." As a penalty for not producing the requested documents Judge Nina Gershon of United States District Court in Brooklyn instructed the jury to view the bank's "recalcitrance" as evidence the bank knowingly aided terrorist organizations.

♦ Security cutbacks through attrition at Los Angeles International Airport has left it vulnerable to a terrorist attack, according to a letter of complaint from The Airport Police Officers Association. "Reductions in the deployment of personnel and cuts to the budget for training are making the airport 'more vulnerable to a terrorist attack than at any time since 9/11,' wrote Marshall McClain, president of the police union," reports the Associated Press. The airport says it exceeds the police deployment requirements set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

♦ Georgia will be one of ten bases for a weapons of mass destruction homeland security response team. "The force will be trained to respond within six to 12 hours to regional disasters like chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high yield explosive incidents," reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Personnel will be experienced in locating and extracting victims from a contaminated environment, performing mass patient decontamination, and stabilizing patients in need of medical care for evacuation." The majority of the teams will be established in 2012.

♦ The TSA is using job advertisements on pizza boxes in the Washington, DC, region to recruit security screeners for open positions at two area airports, reports The Washington Post. It's tag line: "A Career Where X-Ray Vision and Federal Benefits Come Standard." The advertisement goes on to say, "Washington Reagan National Airport and Washington-Dulles International Airport are now hiring Transportation Security Officers. See yourself in a vital role for Homeland Security. Be part of a dynamic security team protecting airports and skies as you proudly secure your future."


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