Morning Security Brief: Border Security, Children and Internet Risks, IRS Scandal, and More

Sherry Harowitz

► The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is vastly underestimating the number of illegals who cross the border with Mexico and go undetected, according to a new report from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), highlighted by Bloomberg Business Week. Business Week writes that “In 2010, the most recent year for which numbers are available, CFR says that twice as many people got into the U.S. than the Customs and Border Patrol estimated—in total, about 400,000.” While that is still a dramatic drop from the prior year’s number of 1 million, it raises questions about the reliability of the government’s data, the story notes.

► The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center warns in its just-released annual report that the proliferation of paedophile material on the internet translates to real-world risk to children, reports the U.K.‘s The Guardian. The group "dealt with 18,887 reports of abuse from the public and industry – a 14% increase on the previous year with an average of 1,600 reports per month," reports The Guardian. There was some good news as well in that the annual report “revealed that the number of children rescued from sexual abusers had risen by 85% last year to 790. The figure is the highest since [the organization] was launched in 2006,” writes The Guardian.

► The “Internal Revenue Service Tea Party targeting went beyond an Ohio office, and the current and ex-IRS heads knew about the practice a year ago, records indicate,” reports the UPI. Further, The Washington Post reports, “ProPublica on Monday reported that the same IRS division that targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny during the 2012 election cycle provided the investigative-reporting organization with confidential applications for tax-exempt status.” But the agency had refused to provide the information to a congressional committee, saying that it violated the rules, the Post reports.

► Also in the news, Fox News reports that the Navy will launch an unmanned aircraft, or drone, from a navy carrier for the first time. CNN reports that police have named a suspect in the New Orleans Mother's Day parade shooting. And Voice of America reports that the first Kurds began heading for Iraq from Turkey, an exodus that is part of a peace treaty designed to end one of world's longest and bloodiest internal conflicts. 




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