Morning Security Brief: Border Security Failures, Marine Base Shooting, and More

By Laura Spadanuta

►Although officials from the Department of Homeland Security were tasked more than two years ago with coming up with ways to better gauge border security, they acknowledged yesterday that they have not finished coming up with the measurements and would not be done any time soon, according to The New York Times. Better evaluation of border security is expected to be a major part of any upcoming immigration legislation.

►Three marines are dead today after a shooting last night at Quantico Marine Corps Base. According to CNN, the shooter killed a man and a woman before turning the gun on himself. The motive is unclear. The base was put on lockdown after the shooting was reported.

►Apple has attempted to increase security by providing an optional extra password for users of Apple ID and iCloud accounts, according to the Financial Times. This is known as two-step verification and it was introduced yesterday. The extra four-digit code will be sent by text message or an iPhone's app notification when users log into certain programs, such as iTunes or the App store.


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