Morning Security Brief: Campus Gun Ban Overturned, Lulzsec Hackers Charged, Middle East Security, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►In a victory for concealed carry advocates, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the University of Colorado system's ban on guns on campus violates state law. The group that brought the case, Students for Concealed Carry, says having guns on campus makes a school safer, especially in the case of a school shooting, while their opposition says more guns increases the potential for gun violence. In Maryland, a District Court judge ruled a state requirement for those applying for a gun-carry permit to show that they have a "good and substantial reason" a violation of state law. Read in-depth on issues surrounding weapons on campus from Security Management here.

►Seven hackers, in three countries, have been charged with computer crimes and the Lulzsec leader, Hector Xavier Monsegur, who was arrested last year, pleaded guilty to charges related to several high profile attacks last August, according to unsealed court documents. The FBI and European law enforcement have been tracking down and arresting additional members of the group based on information provided by Monsegur. Last week, after another international sweep, Interpol said it arrested 25 members of Anonymous.

►General James Mattis, the head of the U.S. Central Command, told a Senate committee on Tuesday that Iran’s efforts to keep the Syrian government in power are the biggest threat to security in the Middle East. Mattis says international sanctions have not stopped Iran’s advancement of its nuclear program and that it has been sending weapons to support the Syrian government. Mattis also said that the military has “evidence of al-Qaida having a role in the Syrian opposition,” Voice of American reports.

►In other news, investigators at a UK information security company found that free Android apps pass user data to ad networks, a possible violation of European data protection laws. ♦ Twenty -- the age of "TinKode", a hacker who successfully hacked into a computer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in 2011 just to test his skills. See NASA’s security lapses by the numbers from This Week. ♦ And U.S. tensions with Iran are said to be causing an arms race throughout the Persian Gulf.



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