Morning Security Brief: Craigslist Robberies, Secure Communities, and a Police Impersonator

By Carlton Purvis

►Las Vegas police are warning about a new tactic being used by criminals to rob bargain shoppers who browse Craigslist for items. “Sellers” are posting ads for expensive items at incredibly low prices, arranging meetings with potential buyers, then robbing them at gunpoint. Las Vegas metro police say they’ve seen a string of robberies in recent weeks using this tactic to target shoppers looking online for Christmas gifts, the Las Vegas Sun reports. Fortunately, none of the victims in the Las Vegas robberies have been harmed. In Ohio, police have made arrests and are investigating a case where three men were murdered after responding to a Craigslist ad for a job as a ranch hand.

►The New York Times explores cases of Hispanic Americans who have been detained in local jails and forced to prove their citizenship to immigration agents working on inaccurate information in DHS databases. Under the Secure Communities program, “fingerprints of every person booked at local jails are checked against Department of Homeland Security immigration databases. If the check results in a match, federal immigration agents can issue detainers, asking local law enforcement authorities to hold a suspect for up to 48 hours,” the Times reports. One researcher estimates that a “low but persistent” percentage of the 400,000 people detained for deportation each year are American citizens.

►Police in New Hampshire are looking for a man who identified himself as a Massachusetts Police trooper and entered a hospital seeking treatment from injuries sustained during a prisoner transport. “Police said the man was 'clean-cut' and wore a gun in a holster and carried what appeared to be a portable police radio. He also wore a ballistic vest over a blue T-shirt with a Massachusetts State Police logo,” the Union Leader reports. When hospital staff became suspicious and asked him for identification and to remove his weapon for treatment, the man became nervous and said he’d leave his weapon with his “partner” waiting for him outside. The man walked out of the hospital and into the parking lot and disappeared. Officials from the Massachusetts State Police “refuted the information the man provided.” Police in New Hampshire said they think the man was trying to get narcotics.

►In other news, a government audit in Swaziland revealed that most of the country’s security companies don’t comply with labor laws, underpaying employees, failing to pay employees on time, dodging state sanctioned inspections, and failing to provide employees with adequate protective equipment. ♦ Malware is being hidden in pdf documents in attacks aimed at government and corporate institutions. ♦ And Apple pulls an app used to make fake ID’s from the Apple Store.  



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