Morning Security Brief: Cyberattacks, Chinese Protests, Hospital Violence, and More

By Carlton Purvis


► The cyber assault continues. Hacker group LulzSec hacked the U.S. Senate Web site on Monday and released a small portion of data the Los Angeles Times reports. “The data made public is relatively harmless but could signify that the hackers have more sensitive information on hand,” the Times reports. “We did it because they couldn’t stop us…We always deliver,” the group posted on Twitter.

► The head of the British Navy says Britain won’t be able to sustain a continued role in Libya because of budget cuts, The Telegraph reports. Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope said another three months is all they could support without dramatically scaling back other operations. Stanhope said the Navy has already been forced to ask the U.S. to resupply their submarines with Tomahawk missiles.

► According to China’s own figures, anti-government protests have become increasingly common in rural areas. Now, “waves of unrest” in China are exposing the government’s limits in controlling the urban population. The Wall Street Journal reports that Chinese authorities have deployed paramilitary police and armored vehicles in three cities in the last month to quell rioting protesters who often target government buildings. The protests don’t seem to be part of a mass movement, however. Rather, they are sparked by individual incidents. Rioting in the town of Zengcheng began Friday after security personnel pushed down a pregnant woman in a market, for example.

► A security guard in Islamabad was killed after he tackled a suicide bomber who tried to enter a bank, reports The International News. The bomber, described as 17 to18 years old, tried to push past security after setting off a metal detector. The guard wrestled with the bomber, and as a guard from an adjacent bank came to assist, the bomber blew himself up. The last suicide bombing in Islamabad was more than a year and a half ago.

► The Dayton Daily News reports that hospital violence is on the rise and highlights several incidents from the last year. Experts interviewed said that increased hospital violence is a reflection of increased violence in society. The article comes after an attempted suicide Saturday at a military hospital near Dayton. 

► In other news, Wired reports that Russia may have revived a project to build an airborne laser weapon; The Voice of Russia reports that Russia and India are joining forces to create a drone aircraft capable of firing a cruise missile; And an Internet video shows a prototype for a spherical Japanese drone.









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