Morning Security Brief: Cyberattacks on U.S. Infrastructure, Cybersecurity Tips from Black Hat, Skype Surveillance, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►Cyberattacks against U.S. infrastructure are on the rise. Officials say there has been a “17-fold increase in computer attacks on American infrastructure between 2009 and 2011, initiated by criminal gangs, hackers and other nations,” The New York Times reports.

►At the 2012 Black Hat hacking conference, a former member of the FBI provided five tips to strengthen cybersecurity in the private sector: Assume you’ve been breached, be proactive, consider what things actually need to be on the network, change how you measure success, and share notes with the government and other businesses.

►Skype says rumors that it has given law enforcement a backdoor to monitor users since being acquired by Microsoft is not true. The company released a statement on its blog saying that there is no back door and Skype has not changed its policies on law enforcement access to users. The statement also says that Skype does not monitor or record audio or video that goes on between users.

►In other news, surveillance footage is released of a man who stole around $10,0000 of computer equipment from a hospital in Waco, Texas. ♦ Global Payments, a payment processing company says it lost millions after the fallout from a recent data breach. The company recently reported that profits fell 90 percent. ♦ And DHS endorses using UAVs domestically for disaster response.


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