Morning Security Brief: DHS Alerts, Backpage, Rogue Tweets, and More.

By Carlton Purvis

►After dozens of high profile attacks in 2011 alone, DHS issued a warning to the security community to be on the lookout for attacks from Anonymous over the next few months. Their warning was aimed at financial service companies who Anonymous have named as their next target. Via twitter, Anonymous asked for workers with access to financial computer networks to pass them information. DHS, in the bulletin, also warned of new tools Anonymous is using to launch denial of service attacks. “The bulletin itself is unusual in that DHS hasn't commented on the activities of Anonymous ever since the group stepped up its efforts over the past few months, attacking federal agencies and private corporations to protest a wide range of issues,” EWeek reports.

►U.S. officials said that small planes could be used in attacks this month, although there is no indication of an immediate threat. DHS and the FBI said in a bulletin Friday that extremists with knowledge of general aviation are an imminent threat and that al-Qaeda was in the past considering options for another attack using airplanes. There is no specific evidence of a potential attack in the works, but agencies say the aviation industry should be vigilant, noting past instances of non-terrorism-related incidents involving private airplanes that were stolen or flown illegally.

►The National Association of Attorneys General sent a letter to, Village Voice Media’s free online classifieds, asking the company to shut down the escort section of the site over concerns of sex trafficking. It also asked the company to reveal what steps it is taking to remove ads offering sex and to screen for minors. The letter was drafted in lieu of a subpoena, and the attorneys general want a response by September 14. In the past, Backpage attorneys have argued that the ads were protected by the federal Communications Decency Act, which does not hold websites responsible as publishers of ads that are posted by a third party, The Gazette reports. Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler said traffickers who exploit runaways shouldn't be provided with a tool that makes “peddling flesh so much easier.”

►In what the AP says may be the most serious charges to come out of Twitter use, two people, a former teacher and a math tutor, now sit in a Mexican jail facing terrorism charges after tweeting that kids were being kidnapped by cartels from a school in Veracruz. Officials say the rumors caused panic that led to 26 car accidents and overloaded emergency services. The two tweeters claim that they were just passing along information that was already being circulated on Twitter. One media expert argues that it’s the general lack of safety in Mexico that caused people to panic over rumors. “…the real problem appears to be that governments cannot prevent drug cartel violence or even accurately inform citizens about it,” the AP reported. The pair could face up to 30 years in prison.

►In other news, a report by The Brooklyn Ink looks at the effects of post-9-11 detention policies on New York Muslims, 10 years later. In New Delhi, only 30 percent of private security agencies are licensed, raising concerns of untrained and unverified security staff, the Times of India reports. And a special report from the Washington Post explores in depth America’s Joint Special Operations Command as part of their Top Secret America investigation series.





The DHS has every right to be afraid! the people are rising against their exploiters in the government and financial sector. The establishment does not want the people thinking for themselves because if the people thought for themselves then they would immediately start a revolution after seeing how the establishment uses them! 

I look forward to ordinary people having their say. The ordinary people of not just america but the world must stand up against this Fascist economic system which tramples on their rights! And I don't say fascist as rhetoric, it is well know that the Nazi's lost ww2 but fascism won, the economic system we have is that of Nazi Germany where the government and big business get into bed together, Just look at the facts, not one banker or investor who plunged the world into financial ruin has faced justice, why? because if they where to face justice then that might expose certain politicians.Just look at the Strauss Kahn case or the facebook-v-Paul Ceglia case, as soon as their is a flaw in the victims evidence the court either throws the case out or discredits the victim. A prime example of power protecting powerful people over the hard working ordinary citizen ,,, So on September17th best of luck to all who take part and hopefully you can change something in the Devils Belly.

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