Morning Security Brief: Drug Testing, The Real IRA, FBI Official Wants a New Internet, and More

By Carlton Purvis


►Drug testing for welfare recipients has been ruled unconstitutional in federal court. In a 37-page opinion issued Monday by judge Mary Scriven, she says the plan to make people applying for Florida's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program submit to a drug test constitutes an unreasonable search violation of the Fourth Amendment, Mother Jones reports. "Though the State speaks in generalities about the 'public health risk, as well as the crime risk, associated with drugs' being 'beyond dispute,' it provides no concrete evidence that those risks are any more present in TANF applicants than in the greater population," Scriven wrote.

►The Real IRA, an Irish paramilitary group, has taken credit for bombing two banks in Northern Ireland and warned that it will continue attacking economic targets. The Guardian reported that it received a statement from the group saying that it would continue to target banks in response to bankers' greed. “Such attacks are an integral part of our strategy of targeting the financial infrastructure that supports the British government's capitalist colonial system in Ireland. The impetus to carry out this type of attack is directly linked to pressure from working-class communities in Ireland as a whole,” the statement said.

►One FBI official says computer networks will never be secure enough to totally withstand cyberattacks, so it’s time to create a secure alternative Internet. Shawn Henry, the FBI's executive assistant director, said jihadist militants looking to harm the U.S. can tap organized crime groups who are willing to sell their services and abilities to attack computer systems. Henry said the way to fight an increasing cyberthreat is with a separate Internet for banks and utilities to use.

►Three more deaths related to the Listeria outbreak have been reported, raising the number of deaths to 28. So far 133 people in 26 states have been diagnosed with illness linked to Listeria contaminated cantaloupes from Colorado's Jensen Farms.⇒ Independent researchers say the role of the United States in arming Mexican drug cartels is exaggerated. ⇒And a Swiss study says crime is a greater source of armed violence than war.


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