Morning Security Brief: Empire State Shooting, Neo-Nazi Raids, Deterring Gang Violence, and More

By Carlton Purvis


►Multiple media outlets are reporting that multiple people have been shot outside the Empire State Building in New York City. FDNY says emergency crews are responding to the scene where the shooting occurred. Scanner reports say seven people were shot. "The police said that the gunman was in police custody. Several news media reports said that he had been shot by the police," The New York Times reports.

►German authorities have begun a massive offensive on violent neo-Nazis, launching raids on residences. The crackdown comes as multiple neo-Nazi groups prepare for September 1 protests to commemorate the Nazi invasion of Poland. On Thursday, 900 police searched almost 150 homes confiscating “numerous firearms, brass knuckles, clubs, iron pipes, switchblade knives, baseball bats, a ‘morning star’ club, a slingshot and pepper spray. Officers also confiscated a variety of storage media and propaganda material,” Spiegel Online reports. Depiste no arrests being made, the German interior ministry says it has "torn large holes in the network of the neo-Nazis."

►Police in Ogden Utah believe a series of drive-by shootings is part of a bigger power struggle within a local gang over turf, drugs, and money. Police would not identify the gang, but a local judge on Monday issued an injunction against the Ogden Trece, a local gang, to deter organizing. The injunction bans members from “associating with each other in public and being in the presence of guns, drugs and alcohol. The injunction also places Treces under an 11 p.m. curfew,” the Standard-Examiner reports.

►In other news, researchers are developing a flu vaccine that could be sent through the mail. ♦ Firefighters train for fires in gas wells. ♦ And UAVs join a missing person search in Northern Ireland.


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