Morning Security Brief: FAMS Short Haul Flights, Underwear Bomber Says the Cleric Made Him Do It, IE6 Flaw, U.S. Jihadism

By Matthew Harwood

♦ Federal air marshals tell CNN that they are assigned "short-haul flights" rather than international high-risk flights to make the Federal Air Marshal Service look more productive on paper.

♦ The 23-year-old jihadist that tried to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas has told federal investigators that a radical American cleric in Yemen, also linked to the Fort Hood shooting rampage, directed him to conduct the attack.

♦ If you're one of the 45 million Americans still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 6, it's time to upgrade to version 8.

♦ During the down economy, Frost & Sullivan says there's one market that has seen muscular growth: homeland security.

♦ Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair told lawmakers that more and more American Muslims are radicalizing but that their attention is directed overseas.


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