Morning Security Brief: Fort Hood Shooter Goes to Trial, States Consider Gun Bills, and Craigslist Killer Sentenced

By Teresa Anderson


► A judge has ruled that Nidal Hasan, who is accused of killing 13 people in a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009, will not be allowed to plead guilty to the murders. Under Army rules, Hasan is not allowed to plead guilty to any charge that carries the death penalty. The trial is expected to begin on July 1.

► States continue to move on a variety of gun-related bills. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed three bills into law yesterday. The new laws will expand background checks and impose a fee for those checks as well as limit the size of ammunition magazines to no more than 15 rounds. A Utah bill that currently sits on Governor Gary Herbert’s desk would allow people to carry an unloaded concealed firearm without a permit. Under the law, the magazine could be loaded but no round could be in the chamber. Herbert is sais to be considering vetoing the bill. However, it passed with veto-proof majorities in both houses of the Utah Legislature.

► Richard Beasley, known as the Craigslist Killer, has been convicted of the murders of three people. Beasley lured the victims by posting an ad for a job on Craigslist. Once the victims arrived for the interview, Beasley shot them. The jury in the case recommended the death penalty. The judge will determine sentencing on Tuesday.



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