Morning Security Brief: Latest on Navy Yard Shooting, Apple Security Flaws, and More

By Laura Spadanuta

►Officials are investigating whether a workplace grievance sparked the Navy Yard shootings on Monday. Contractor Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people before he was shot by police. The Washington Post reports that Alexis went straight to the fourth floor, where he had been assigned, and shot the people who had been working with him, according to the article. A law enforcement official is quoted in the article as saying that Alexis had been having issues at work; he wasn't doing a good job and may have had a dispute with someone. He added that after shooting his direct coworkers, he shot others at random.

►Apple released its iOS7 operating system this week and there are already reports of a major security flaw. Forbes reports that a flaw on the passcode lock screen of the operating system allows anyone with access to the device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, to unlock screen without a code and get into the phone. The article discusses how to exploit the bug. Apple has stated that it will release a security fix for the bug. The Forbes article also provides information on fixing the bug until Apple releases a fix.

Egyptian security forces are hunting militant supporters of deposed president Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood, reports Reuters. There were conflicting reports on whether government forces had taken control of the town of Kerdasa, where hostility to "authorities had grown since the army overthrew and imprisoned Mursi," reports Reuters. The clashes between police and people in the town included grenades.

Reuters reports that a disclosure by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has prompted computer security company RSA to advise customers not to use software that relies on a weak mathematical formula developed by the NSA. According to the article, RSA "told current customers in an email that a toolkit for developers had a default random-number generator using the weak formula, and that customers should switch to one of several other formulas in the product."


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