Morning Security Brief: License Plate Readers, Android Security App is Really Malware, Spain’s Crop Theft, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►It was a license plate scanner that led to the capture of Travis Baumgartner, a Canadian man wanted in connection to an armored car robbery that left three dead. Police say Baumgartner, while working for a private security company, shot and killed three other employees and critically wounded another while they conducted an overnight money drop to an ATM on the University of Alberta campus. He was arrested at the Canadian border with $330,000 in cash after a license plate scanner identified his pick-up truck.

►New malware that targets Android phones is disguised as a mobile security app, PCWorld reported on Tuesday. The fake app, named Android Security Suite, first appeared online in June and sends users incoming text messages to a remote command and control center.

►In Spain, Civil Guards man checkpoints, police patrol farmland, and farmers carry out night patrols, in an effort to stop thieves who are stealing fruit to resell in street markets. “Authorities and farm groups blame the thefts on Spain's economic crisis and say they are a big enough problem for the patrols, which began last season, to stay in force this year,” the Associated Press reports. “The theft reflects a real problem for Spain's farmers and is a reflection of how harsh times are making ordinary people turn to crime.” Farmers say the thieves steal crops based on what will get a good price at the market at a given time.

►In other news, police are looking for a man who spray-painted a Pablo Picasso painting at a Houston museum. The vandal was caught on surveillance cameras but managed to slip out of the museum before museum security officers could get to him. ♦ Northrop Grumman posts to YouTube “A Day in the Life of X-47B UCAS,” video of flight tests of a new unmanned aerial vehicle. ♦ And authorities release a half dozen jail phone calls between George Zimmerman and his wife. “Prosecutors allege the six phone calls prove that Shellie Zimmerman lied when she told a judge that the couple was broke before her husband was granted bail in April,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.



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