Morning Security Brief: Missing Olympic Keys, Private Airport Security, Nuclear Site Security, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►Olympic security officials have confirmed that a set of keys went missing at an Olympic venue last week, but say there is “absolutely no security concern in relation to the stadium.” “Organizers of the London Olympics stressed that relevant locks have been changed and there was no security breach. Police declined to provide more details about what the keys were for,” ABC News reports.

►The Sacramento airport maybe become the third U.S. airport to since 9-11 to opt for private security instead of TSA at security checkpoints. The airport director says he feels private screeners would be more efficient than TSA while providing the same level of security. “The switch is not yet official, however. In its statement, the TSA said it will give final approval if it determines a private contractor will not ‘compromise security or detrimentally affect the cost-efficiency or the effectiveness of the screening of passengers or property at the airport,’" The Sacramento Bee reports. 

►Authorities at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge say three people were arrested Saturday for trespassing in a high security area of the complex. The three arrested were members of a group called Transform Now Plowshares. They cut through a fence on the grounds and posted a banner and poured blood, according to a woman who identified herself as a friend of the group. The Department of Energy Inspector general has opened an investigation into how they got into the facility.

Formal criminal charges are expected to be brought against the Aurora shooting suspect Monday morning. ♦ A Forbes column calls for more security from spoofing on Twitter. ♦ And ESET will present a webinar Tuesday on how to recognize and protect against state sponsored attacks.




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