Morning Security Brief: Ohio Gun Laws, Cyberstalking Survey Results, Honduras Dubbed the Murder Capital of the World, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►In response to a new state law that lets gun owners carry weapons into bars and restaurants as long as they don’t consume alcohol, Ohio businesses are increasingly adding their own rules to turn away gun toters. In Columbus, around 300 businesses put “Do Not Patronize” signs on their doors prohibiting gun owners from coming inside. Bar owners say allowing guns inside is a recipe for disaster, while gun owners say that they are offended and are threatening to boycott businesses who post the signs.

►One in five Americans is affected by online stalking, according to new survey data from the National Cyber Security Alliance and McAfee. The survey says that 39 percent of victims reported the incidents while 61 percent remained silent. "The Internet is an amazing tool for sharing and connecting with people. Unfortunately, there are some people who will use it to track, harass or make unwanted contact. Stalking can be dangerous and should be taken seriously," said Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. "We encourage anyone who believes they are being victimized online to report the crime and seek help, if needed, from law enforcement or a victim service provider."

►Honduras has become the murder capital of the world with a homicide rate of 82 murders per 100,000 residents. A Miami Herald feature points to rampant crime and police corruption as the reason for the high numbers.

►In other news, Israeli hospitals fend off cyberattacks. ♦ An Arizona newspaper editorial questions whether U.S. money would be better spent on keeping drugs from crossing into the U.S. from Mexico rather than keeping out people. ♦ And a new documentary examines the problem of rape in the military.



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