Morning Security Brief: Radical Cleric Charged, Cyberbullying Help, FISA Rules Revised, School Firing Upheld

By Sherry Harowitz


CNN reports that Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born militant cleric, has now been charged in absentia in a Yemeni court with incitement to kill foreigners, and Yemeni officials say they have stepped up efforts to capture him. Anwar al-Awlaki is suspected of providing both operational help and spiritual motivation to terrorists who have launched many of the past attacts and recent attempts against the United States. Meanwhile, as the investigation continues into the recent attempt to explode bombs hidden in printer cartridges and put on planes as cargo, it is looking more like they were to be triggered on the plane, reports the New York Times. "Both bombs contained circuit boards from cellphones, but the phone parts appeared to be used as timers, because the so-called SIM cards necessary to receive calls were missing, American officials said," the NYT's reports.


► In response to concerns about cyberbullying, Facebook has set up a resource, called Mashable reports that "The app allows users to report any violation or cyberbullying to Facebook officials while also connecting to safety and support organizations related to cyberbullying, child exploitation, suicide, depression, substance abuse and LGBT issues."


► In other news, reports revisions to the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court's procedures under FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. And an Ohio court's decision to uphold the firing of a school employee for a 21-year-old drug trafficking conviction sparks outrage in an opinion piece on The Crime Report.




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