Morning Security Brief: Second White House Lockdown, NTSB Makes Recommendations on Pilot Weather Advisories, and More

By Holly Gilbert Stowell

► The White House was forced to go into lockdown mode for the second time this week after two suspicious packages were thrown over the fence on Thursday. According to the Secret Service, two men are in custody after the package throwing occurred at both the north and south fences. President Obama was on a trip to California when the security incident occurred. USA Today reports that the packages were examined by officials, but the article does not mention any of the contents found inside. On Tuesday, the White House also went into lockdown mode when a suspicious car closely followed a motorcade containing President Obama and his daughters.

► The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has asked the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service (NWS) to provide more detailed, timely weather information to pilots, allowing the airmen to “properly balance risks and make sound decisions when determining to fly.” The board’s recommendations are based on accident investigations conducted by the NTSB involving aircrafts that encountered adverse weather conditions including dense fog, icing, turbulence, and low-level wind shear. Aviation International News reports that while the NWS does provide weather information to pilots, there are no requirements for them to do so.

The New York Times writes that the United Nations (UN) Security Council has not done enough to generate “diplomatic road maps” that would help resolve the crises taking place in both Syria and Ukraine, citing the body's voting record and meeting topics. “The paralysis over Syria has marked a new level of dysfunction, experts say, and has given a fillip to those who call for a fundamental shake-up of the Council’s composition and rules of engagement,” according to the article. Because the UN has been unable to pass certain resolutions, with Russia often vetoing the measure as one of five permanent members of the Council, the delivery of humanitarian aid to millions in desperate need in Syria has been blocked, the article notes.


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