Morning Security Brief: Senior Managers Pose Greatest Security Threat, LinkedIn Sues Phishers, Network Security Spending Up

By Lilly Chapa

Senior managers account for the greatest security risks to their companies because they are more likely to take work home with them, according to a study by security firm Stroz Friedberg. Any employee working at home poses a security risk due to use of personal e-mail and computers, but 87 percent of senior managers admitted to uploading sensitive work files to cloud storage or personal accounts, the report stated. “Insiders are by far the biggest risk to the security of a company’s sensitive information, whether it’s a careless executive or a disgruntled employee,” said Stroz Friedberg CEO Michael Patsalos-Fox. It’s more important than ever to educate employees at all levels about the potential threats of using their own devices in the workplace, the study stated.

Professional networking site LinkedIn is using an increasingly common tactic to unmask the identities behind fake accounts: suing them. Phishers, scammers, and hackers created thousands of fake accounts on the site and used them to gather information about actual people, which violates its user agreement and well as state and federal security laws, according to LinkedIn’s complaint. Under the lawsuit, third-party internet service providers would be required to hand over information about who created the fake profiles. Even if LinkedIn cannot identify all of the spammers, it may intimidate future attackers, according to Businessweek.

Companies may be taking note of the countless high-profile security attacks in 2013 and are taking steps to protect themselves. Spending on network security is expected to double in 2014, according to a Forrester Research survey. The survey of more than 2,000 security professionals showed that 46 percent of companies expect to increase network security spending to prevent breaches and attacks. Many companies are deploying a Zero Trust security model that calls for the verification and security of all resources, the survey found.


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