Morning Security Brief: Sikhs Reluctant to Add Security, Evacuations Begin Ahead of Ernesto, Reuters Hack, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►In the wake of the Oak Creek Temple shooting, Sikhs temples are reluctant to increase security and say posting armed guards or police conflict with their faith. “We are open to everybody and you cannot change that. You can’t stop anyone from coming in. That’s the rule and I’m obligated to follow it. I still believe in my religion that we are open arms to everyone,” said Malkit Gill, president of the New England Sikh Study Circle in Massachusetts. Others said adding security would make people uncomfortable and wouldn’t have stopped a tragedy like the one that happened on Sunday. Sikhs in some major cities, however, have reached out to police for protection.

►Authorities in Latin America have prepped and sent emergency food to sparsely populated areas ahead of Tropical Storm Ernesto, which is lingering at sea for now. In Nicaragua, low lying areas on the coast and near the Honduras border have been evacuated. “After passing Honduras, the storm was expected to grow to near-hurricane force before moving ashore near the Belize-Mexico border early Wednesday and eventually passing into the southern Gulf of Mexico,” the AP reports. Authorities in Mexico are warning residents of possible floods from rivers that wind through populated areas and near highways.

►The recent Reuters hack shows why it’s important to keep software up-to-date: It was a vulnerability in an old version of WordPress that allowed someone to hack the agency on Friday and post a fake story about Syria to its Web site. Mark Jaquith, one of the WordPress platform lead developers and member of the WordPress Security Team, said Reuters had been using an old version with publicly known security issues. “This is a textbook mistake. You should always be using the latest version of your software, especially if you're a major company that is often targeted by hackers. WordPress is, in particular, a popular attack vector for cyber criminals,” Emil Protalinski wrote on Monday. Download the latest version at

►In other news, more information about Wade Michael Page, the Oak Creek Temple shooter, has come out, including that he was a white supremacist, and an Army veteran who often spoke about an impending racial holy war. ♦ The European Union’s proposed data security rules include a requirement to “inform national information commissioners of data breaches affecting consumers or citizens within 24 hours, or risk heavy fines” – a rule expected to give security professionals “immediate anxiety,” says Michael Hamelin of Tufin Technologies. He explains why in a column for Infosecurity. ♦ And a U.S. court upholds the first use of a UAV in the arrest of a U.S. citizen.



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