Morning Security Brief: UAV Integration, Taser Mishap, USC Shooting, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) took a step closer to being integrated into domestic airspace in August after successful test flights of a location system called Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) which changes air controls “from a ground-based system to one that takes flight position data from satellites,” the BBC reports. The test flights were undertaken using a Predator UAV off the coast of Florida. ADS-B also assists with UAV sense-and-avoid capability, according to a statement from General Atomics. The FAA wants all U.S. aircraft to use ADS-B by 2020.

►Two men have been arrested for shooting four people Wednesday night on the University of Southern California campus. An argument outside of a party turned into a shooting that left a man critically injured and three bystanders wounded. After sending out a campus-wide shelter-in place alert, the suspects were caught about 10 minutes later. No students were involved in the shooting. 

►A New Mexico police officer was suspended after he tased a 10-year-old boy during a school’s career day. The officer says he didn’t realize the Taser was armed when he pointed it at the boy as a joke. He’s now the defendant of a civil suit accusing him of unreasonable seizure, excessive force, failure to render medical care, and battery.

►In other news, American inspectors say $800 million dollars goes missing from Iraq each week due to money laundering. ♦ Thirteen people were arrested last week after exploiting an ATM loophole that makes multiple transactions look like one in order to steal more than $1 million from casino ATMs. Citibank says it has since closed the loophole. ♦ And a Baton Rouge police officer is caught falsifying records for a second time after police say he was writing up fake summonses. “Police administrators would not speculate why Burns allegedly wrote the bogus summonses. However, officers are often paid overtime to appear in court for the summonses that they write,” the Associated Press reports.



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