MySpace for Spooks

By Matthew Harwood, Staff Editor

This December, the U.S. intelligence community will unveil a new  peer-to-peer social networking site modeled off of for its intelligence analysts and spies, according to MSNBC.

Thomas Fingar, the deputy director of national intelligence for analysis, believes the common workspace – a kind of "MySpace for analysts" – will generate better analysis by breaking down firewalls across the traditionally stove-piped intelligence community. He says the technology can also help process increasing amounts of information where the number of analysts is limited.

"A-Space," as the site is called, will be voluntary, because spies in the field are frightened any insecurity in the site may blow their cover and put them in danger or leak information damaging to U.S. national security.

A-Space will pack some other novel ideas that ordinary workers use everyday to be more productive including Web based e-mail; software that identifies areas of interest for analysts, much like does for books; and a document tool modeled off of Google Documents, which allows "users to create and modify documents and determine user privileges."



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