NCTC Releases Interactive Counterterrorism Calendar for 2011

By Matthew Harwood

The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) has released a solid interactive primer on international terrorism at its Web site.

Users who visit the NCTC's "Counterterrorism Calendar 2011" can research terrorist profiles—such as al Qaeda heavyweights Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri—as well as group profiles, including al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has attempted at least three failed attacks against the United States since Christmas 2009.

Researchers interested in types of attacks can also get a brief overview of weapons and tactics used by terrorists to inflict casualties. The Web page also tells visitors what to do if they come into contact with a suspicious substance and the indicators of a false travel document, such as a passport.

The resource includes an interactive map and timeline. Roll your computer cursor over a landing point and click, and the map will focus in on a particular country, the terrorist organization based there, and an overview of the group. The same goes for the interactive map. After scrolling to a particular month, resting your cursor on a particular landing point on the timeline will display the basic information of that date's attack.

The NCTC also allows visitors to download the entire resource in PDF format that runs 160 pages long.

♦ Screenshot of "Counterterrorism Calendar 2011"


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