New Guidebook on Trucking Security Released

By Matthew Harwood

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) have released new guidelines for the trucking industry for securing cargo from pick up to delivery. 

The 186-page manual, ATA Certified Cargo Security Professional (CCSP) Resource Guidebook, according to the Trucker News Service, "helps readers evaluate and manage risk and trucking security" across four main areas: transport, facilities, personnel, and data and computer security. 

The guidebook covers a host of issues for cargo security professionals ranging from hazardous waste transport to food security and investigations in a logistics environment to cross-border security. The book also doubles as a study resource for students intent on taking the CCSP Certification examination given by the ATA. The certification teaches security personnel how to secure supply chains from various concerns such as terrorism, cargo theft, and man-made or natural disasters. 

“Eighty percent of all communities in the U.S. rely solely on trucks for the products and goods they receive, including food, books, clothing, electronics, automobiles, and medical supplies,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. "Securing the transportation infrastructure and supply chain against potential acts of cargo theft, natural disaster, organized crime, and even terrorism is a critical piece of the homeland security effort."

Graves said the CCSP certification program and new guidebook contribute to a standardization of best security practices for the trucking industry. 


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