New Laptop Bags Could Make Life Easier for Travelers and Security

By Matthew Harwood

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is testing new "checkpoint-friendly" laptop bags that will defeat the need for travelers to take their laptop computers out of their carry-on bags during screening.

According to The Seattle Times:

TSA asked luggage makers to come up with prototype designs that will make it easier to view a laptop in the X-ray machines, basically by building in a place to store the laptop in a back or front compartment where there are no straps, pockets, zippers etc. Cables and chargers would have to be stored in side pouches.... TSA says not having to remove laptops would speed up security lines and reduce the number of claims it gets for computers damaged during screening.

Prototypes of the bags are currently being tested by TSA at airports in Ontario, California; Austin, Texas; and Chantilly, Virginia.

The new bags augment TSA's new "Black Diamond" program that uses color-coded "self-select lanes" to increase speed and efficiency at security checkpoints. The black lane is reserved for expert travelers who understand the security procedures and pack light; the blue lane handles casual travelers, those that travel a few times a year but may not be well-versed in all the new rules; and finally, the green lane, which accomodates families and travelers with special needs.




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