New U.S.-Mexico Border Plan to be Revealed Today

By Matthew Harwood

The Obama administration will unveil a new plan this morning that will flood resources to the Mexican-American border to clamp down on border violence associated with Mexican drug cartels, reports

The plan, being developed by the departments of Justice and Homeland Security, involves moving federal agents, equipment and other resources to the border. It also involves intelligence sharing aimed at cracking down on the flow of money and weapons into Mexico that help fuel the drug trade, the officials said.

The goal of the plan is twofold: first, the federal government wants to stop American cash and weapons from replenishing Mexican drug cartels' pockets and armories which make the violence worse. Second, the federal government wants to stop any violence from spilling over into the United States.

Yesterday, The New York Times reported the spillover has already begun, invading places like Tucson, Arizona.

A press conference has been scheduled for 10:15 a.m. to unveil the plan, according to Congressional Quarterly.

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