ObjectVideo Files Suit With The ITC To Protect Patents

By Carlton Purvis

ObjectVideo, which develops and sells intelligent video software, also called video analytics, recently issued a release to announce that they had filed a patent-infringement complaint on June 30 with the United States International Trade Commission. The complaints are against Sony Electronics, Bosch Security Systems, and Samsung Techwin. It followed an earlier action in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The companies being charged dispute the assertions in filings.

A favorable judgment from the ITC could effectively require that Samsung, Bosch, and Sony remove these types of capabilities from their products unless they negotiate rights with ObjectVideo.

Built into a camera, ObjectVideo software can intelligently discern objects of interest; distinguish between humans, vehicles, and other objects; and continuously track positions for all moving and stationary targets. The software can be set to count people at large events or to learn intelligence about an environment based on past events.

The company has been developing video surveillance systems since 1998 and holds 41 United States and International patents, with 43 more pending. Using a form of artificial intelligence called computer vision, the software makes cameras more than just recording devices, it makes them electronic intelligence analysts.

As security professionals attending conferences like ASIS International will know, these types of products have been marketed by other companies for several years.

The company says the filing was primarily triggered by a call from a manufacturer looking to market similar software. That company wanted to make sure it did not infringe on ObjectVideo’s patents, says the company, which led it to wonder if others had not been as diligent. They did research and that led them to file a complaint in district court earlier this year and a complaint to the United States International Trade Commission  (ITC) on June 30.

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