Olympic Security Praise from NYPD Chief

By Laura Spadanuta

New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly said today that he is impressed with London's security preparation for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Kelly made his comments during a trip to meet with Olympic security chiefs and other security officials, according to Reuters.

The newspaper states that the United States had denied a "diplomatic row" occurred last year when it was reported that the United States would be sending 1,000 agents to protect U.S. athletes and officials.

Chris Allison, Britain's national Olympic security coordinator, said that the reported number of FBI agents was incorrect. "I think the FBI role is a supportive one. I don't think they're here with specific concerns," Kelly said, dismissing the idea that the London police needed their assistance," according to the article.

Reuters reports that Allison listed protests and public order concerns as the top threats to the Games, rather than international terrorism threats.

Kelly said that the planning and preparation for the London Games was more organized and comprehensive than it had been for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, which Kelly was involved in, according to The Daily Mail:

'It seems they really have a handle on just about any contingency that might take place,' Kelly said in London during a trip to meet Olympic security chiefs, senior London police and officials at MI5 domestic security agency.   

'We've been universally very much impressed with everything we've seen. As far as I can see they have done an excellent job preparing all of their forces.'

Kelly added that he did expect demonstrations, but he said that it's something the London Metropolitan Police force is experienced and equipped in handling.

photo by Ben Sutherland/flickr


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