Online Review: Advance: The Guide for Conducting a Protective Security Advance

By David L. Johnson, Reviewed by David Sayer

*****Advance: The Guide for Conducting a Protective Security Advance. By David L. Johnson; published by Varro Press; available from ASIS, item #1885, 703/519-6200 (phone), (Web); 192 pages; $35 (ASIS members) $39 (nonmembers). 

Author David L. Johnson states in his book, Advance: The Guide for Conducting a Protective Security Advance, that advance “may be the protective services agent’s most important and useful skill.” He uses his experience in the public and private sectors to address this critically important topic in a well organized and thorough manner.
The book emphasizes the importance of developing a good working relationship with contacts and the importance of attention to detail throughout the advance process.
Johnson addresses the elements of the advance logically in the order that each would normally be accomplished. He writes in an easy-to-understand narrative style, using his own experiences to highlight specific points.
The author states that his purpose in writing the book is to add to the knowledge base of the profession and provide a guide that will benefit young agents as they enter the protection field. The book accomplishes that; it would be an important resource for the apprentice and the experienced agent alike.

Reviewer: David Sayer is an area security manager in North America for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has seventeen years of protective experience with assignments in more than 80 countries. He is a member of ASIS International.



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