Pentagon Assures Tenants That Mark Center Is Safe and Sound

By Matthew Harwood


The Pentagon letter, however, assures tenants that the Mark Center has been designed with security baked in and meets all relevant DoD antiterrorism standards.

"The facility's controlled perimeter, blast resistance, standoff distances, progressive collapse resistance, and other protective measures work as an integrated system to assure protection of occupants against threats," the letter reassures occupants.

The letter also contradicts the Time article's sources who argue there is "a relative lack of security at the facility."

"Without going into sensitive details," the letter says, "the Mark Center is surrounded by a fenced perimeter, has multiple and redundant physical security measures in place including gate arms, truck barriers and access control for vehicles, pedestrian turnstiles that require a Common Access Card in order to permit authorized personnel access, and remote inspection and delivery facilities." The letter also notes that the entire complex is protected 24/7 by a hybrid force of Pentagon police officers and contract security officers.

"While the Mark Center will always clearly stand out within the neighborhood and from I-395, this facility is aggressively protected," Directors Calvery and Brazis's letter concludes.

♦ Photo by Belvoir Army Engineers/Flickr


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