Pirates Released in Case Where One Pirate was Killed By Private Security in Hijack Attempt

By Laura Spadanuta

Six pirates apprehended in an attempted attack have been released by authorities, according to The New York Times. The incident involved what is reportedly the first case where armed private security shot and killed a pirate.

The attempted hijackers have been set free by the EU Naval Force, reports the Times . The ship's master declined to provide evidence against the suspects.

While several pirates have died in encounters with international naval forces, Arvinder Sambei, a legal consultant for the United Nations’ antipiracy program, said the role of private security operatives this time “will be scrutinized very closely,” The Associated Press reported.

“There’s always been concern about these companies,” she told the A.P. “Who are they responsible to?”

Ms. Sambei continued, “The bottom line is somebody has been killed, and someone has to give an accounting of that.”



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