Private Security and the Investigative Process, Third Edition

By Matthew Harwood


***** Private Security and the Investigative Process, Third Edition. By Charles P. Nemeth; published by Auerbach Publications; available from ASIS, item #1881, 703/519-1600,; 360 pages; $69 (ASIS members); $79 (nonmembers).
In the preface to this new edition of Private Security and the Investigative Process, author Charles P. Nemeth describes the book as “a product for the practitioner, both entry level and experienced…a working tool, filled with forms, checklists, guides—documentation that is useful in general and specific cases.”
Nemeth’s text fits the bill as an eclectic collection of forms, photos, graphics, checklists, and illustrations. In fact, over three quarters of the 360-page book consist of materials ranging from report forms to vendor Web sites and Web exercise products.
One drawback is that many of the sources cited in this publication, about two-thirds, date back prior to the year 2000. This may be a result of this publication being a third edition. But another distraction is that the author attempts to modernize his work by interjecting Web links sporadically throughout the text, which requires the reader to go to a computer and type in a Web address to look up information relating to the topic being discussed in the text. The author further leans heavily on using updated proprietary information from major private security companies.
The book is structured similarly to a college text book, and while it may be an adequate resource containing materials useful for the security novice or those new to the field of investigations, there may be better alternatives.

Reviewer: Anthony DiSalvatore, CPP, PSP, PCI, CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), CLSD (Certified Lodging Security Director), is director of security at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. He is a former trooper with the New Jersey State Police and holds master’s degrees in education administration and criminal justice from Seton Hall and Rutgers universities, respectively. He is treasurer of the Las Vegas Security Chiefs Association and Gaming Subsector Lead in the Department of Homeland Security Commercial Facilities Coordinating Council, and is a member of the ASIS International Crime/Loss Prevention, Crisis Management and Business Continuity, and Gaming and Wagering Protection councils.



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