Private Security Guards Block Media Access to Oily Beach

By Matthew Harwood

Private security guards blocked a local television reporter's access to workers cleaning up oil from a local public beach last Friday, directly contradicting claims from BP that it has not restricted media access to the ongoing clean-up operation.

In a tense exchange with television news anchor Scott Walker from WDSU-New Orleans, security guards told Walker he could not interview clean-up workers on a public beach at Grand Isle, Louisiana.

"Every single security guard here has given instructions to every single news crew: you can be outside of a hundred yards of the workers on the boom," one security guard tells Walker. (To watch the incident, click over to the next page.)

Walker responded that since the security guard is not from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, the Coast Guard, or the military, he has no legal authority to stop him.

"I can tell you where to go because I am employed to keep this beach safe," the security guard retorted.


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