Public and Private Security Organizations Issue Warnings About Upcoming Koran Burning Event

By Matthew Harwood


INTERPOL also issued a global alert  today to its 188 member countries stating "that if the proposed Koran burning by a pastor in the US goes ahead as planned, there is a strong likelihood that violent attacks on innocent people would follow."

INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble warned "Although there are currently no specific details as to what forms of terror attacks would follow, what is clear is if the Koran burning goes ahead as planned, there will be tragic consequences, ones which may well claim the lives of many innocent people.”

The Christian Security Network, a security consulting organization for Christian groups and houses of worship, has also issued a warning to its network of churches.

"Radical extremism on any side is dangerous, especially when you are doing it in the name of religion. We need to pray for the safety of Muslims and their houses of worship," the CSN awareness alert states. "But there have already been documented threats against Christian churches by Muslim extremists and you cannot assume that because this particular incident is taking place in Florida that it will be limited to that geographic area."

Executive Director Jeff Hawkins told Security Management that he fears that an Islamic radical could target any Christian church rather than Pastor Jones' Dove World Outreach Center.

While his awareness alert prayed for peace to prevail, Hawkins says his members "have to prepare for the worst."

The Gainesville Sun, one of Jone's hometown papers, has called on the pastor, like media, governments, and religious organizations worldwide, to stop his Koran-burning ceremony scheduled for Saturday. Using the analogy of chaos theory and the butterfly effect, the Sun gives a simple, yet eloquent plea to Jones and his congregation.

A butterfly has no choice but to flap its wings, whatever the ripple effect and whatever the ensuing chaos. But members of Dove World do have a choice.

In the name of human decency, they can choose to cancel their plan.

In the name of patriotism they can choose not to endanger our troops.

In the name of God they can choose to follow Christ's teachings and love, not hate, their neighbors.

Chaos theory is a series of random acts with unforeseen consequences. Free will is the ability to choose between acts of humanity and chaos.

UPDATE: Pastor Terry Jones has cancelled his Koran-burning event planned for Saturday, according to The New York Times.

♦ Photo of Koran by bortescristian/Flickr


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