Rep King: The U.S. Military is Being Infiltrated by Al Qaeda

By Carlton Purvis

The Committee’s Majority Staff says that at least nine Muslim-Americans who are current, former or would-be military insiders have been convicted since 2001 or stand charged with national security crimes. Additionally, the report says, “two Muslim-Americans convicted of planning terrorist attacks against military targets inside the U.S. had earlier tried and failed to join police departments or the FBI and CIA.”

King said the investigation also found that copies of Inspire magazine, a publication of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,  are readily available to military personnel. “We have learned that in barracks, Inspire magazine is available to members of the Armed Forces. Was that just an operation? Is that policy? ” King asked United States Army Senior Advisor Jim Stuteville during questioning.

Stuteville said the Army has documented incidents where soldiers have gone online or acquired copies of Inspire magazine.

“That is one of those behavioral indicators that we want soldiers to report --when they observe other soldiers reading Inspire Magazine online or in person.”

“If it’s reported to the counterintelligence authorities, we will investigate to determine if there’s a logical reason for the soldier to have the magazine. If he’s associated with terrorist activities or other activity that’s deemed not supportive of the Army values, then obviously we will deal with the situation.”

Paul Stockton, assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas' Security Affairs declined to answer if there were current cases involving jihadists or terrorists in the military and telling King that he would answer the question in a subsequent closed session.

The 14-page report, Homegrown Terrorism: The Threat to Military Communities inside the United States is available to read online on the Committee on Homeland Security Web site.

See a clip from the hearing below:

photo DVIDShub/flickr


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