Report Says Utility Smart-Grid Cybersecurity in Chaos

by Ann Longmore-Etheridge


Promising tech. The report also reviews the top five most promising smart grid cyber security technologies. The first of these are multi-factor authentication—the use of something you have (a smart key), something you know (a password), and a biometric measurement—on control systems; control network isolation, where “network traffic from enterprise networks to control networks [is] limited to the absolute minimum necessary to manage the control network;” and application whitelisting as an alternative approach to stopping the execution of malicious software. Others are stronger data encryption, and security logging and correlation, “to correlate the infrastructure-level events, such as those from firewalls and logons, with those from the control devices themselves. Good correlation makes it possible to prevent incidents before they occur, by linking infrastructure-level and control-level events together and analyzing them.”

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