Russian Intelligence Spies on German Companies, Counter Intelligence Chief Claims

By Matthew Harwood

Germany's counterintelligence chief says that Russian intelligence is spying on German firms to steal industrial secrets to help Russian companies get a competitive advantage in new technologies, reports Reuters.

"The Russian intelligence services, keeping up with their government's changing information needs, have intensified efforts in recent years to investigate German firms illegally," Burkhard Even, told Die Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

The director of Counter-Intelligence at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, said the spying was aimed mostly at information on alternative and renewable energy and efforts to increase efficiency. European energy interests, diversification plans, and Germany's economic situation were also espionage targets.

This news come a month after Germany's Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, released a security report accusing Russian and Chinese spies of espionage efforts and cyberattacks aimed at German companies.

And last year, a German court convicted an employee of EADS, an air and space defense company, of selling proprietary information on civilian helicopters to Russian intelligence. 

Even said that all companies should tighten security as spies have not only targeted large corporations but small to middle-sized companies too.

♦ Photo by eesti/Flickr


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