Safecast Uses Kickstarter to Fund Citizens' Geiger Counter

By Carlton Purvis

“This is a pre-order thing, but we didn't really know how many people would buy it. We aimed low because we really wanted it to happen… totally didn't expect this kind of reaction,” Bonner said. “$4,000 would have let us make 10 of them, which we thought was the smallest number worth doing. More money just makes more of these.”

People who pledged $400 or more to the campaign will receive limited edition Safecast Geiger counters with a clear casing. The limited edition counters will ship around October, he said. Safecast Geiger counters will be available for purchase by the end of the year for around $800.

Bonner said Safecast has not been approached by DHS or the NYPD, who recently deployed mobile radiation detectors to police officers.

“We just designed it and open sourced it, so there are probably manufacturers talking to them,” he said.

Visit the Safecast Web site for more on the history of the organization.


Geiger Counter photo from bunnie studios


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