San Diego Airport's Security Lanes Aim to Ease Stress

By Matthew Harwood

San Diego's Lindbergh Field  will introduce security lanes this summer tailored to fit the needs of its ticket-holding passengers, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Passengers will be asked to place themselves in one of three lines as they prepare to be screened – one for seasoned business travelers, one for casual travelers familiar with the screenings and one for families, the elderly and others who may need special assistance.

The lanes will be created to ease the stress of traveling, says Michael Aguilar, head of the Transportation Security Administration in San Diego. Business travelers won't get stuck behind large families when they're in a rush, he said, and families won't have to tolerate impatient business travelers needing to catch a flight.

The self-select lanes, explains Aguilar, will also free up Lindbergh's 650 TSA security officers to concentrate more on suspicious people and items in an airport that handles more than 17 million passengers a year.



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